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Diamond Crown Trading, LLC was founded in Stone Mountain, Georgia, in 2017. Copper, brass, lead, zinc, electric motors, Zorba shredder pickings, sealed units, insulated copper wire, brass radiators, transformers, alternators, stators, armatures, aluminum, and a variety of other scrap metal are among the types of scrap metal we specialize in buying, processing, and selling.

In the last 6 years, Diamond Crown Trading has expanded quickly to become one of the most prominent American metal recyclers. With a processing capability of 100,000 tons of diverse scrap metal each year, we ship more than 170,000 tons of non-ferrous metals from our connected yards in the USA.

We take pride in always acting by our words and accepting accountability for our deeds. We are ethical, honest, dependable, and trustworthy when dealing with each consumer. We aim to provide the highest quality service at the most competitive price.

We are eager to develop a stable, long-lasting connection with you.

Wholesalers of scrap metal

With many years of scrap metal business experience, Diamond Crown Trading has developed enduring relationships with our suppliers and clients by being open, honest, and upfront in our interactions with both parties. We are committed to giving our clients a flawless experience. What sets us apart is our reputation, dependability, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Diamond Crown Trading is a hard-working scrap yard, not your usual one. Our primary focus is the comprehensive gathering and export of non-ferrous scrap metal of all kinds. With scrap yards throughout the country, we can concentrate on quality control, quick inventory turnover, and logistics to minimize inefficiencies from retail purchasing and processing of scrap. Through our efficient export approach, our crew makes the most of every minute of the working day.


Diamond Crown Trading owners and stockholders actively participate in day-to-day operations and business-to-business interactions. Their meticulousness, work ethic, and unwavering focus trickle down to our personnel. No client request or requirement is too modest, and our staff members are encouraged and given the authority to take action to enhance communication, internal procedures, and operational efficiency. We strive to be as efficient as we can.

We can focus on providing excellent customer service and quick material handling in our U.S. facilities. Our complete material stock is accessible in real-time and is fully accountable thanks to our personalized inventory management software. This enables us to assure safety and reduce loss.

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